Garti Cardi knitting pattern


A descriptive knitting pattern for an oversized, drop-shoulder, open-front cardigan that uses all your fingering-weight scraps and stash yarns.



This oversized dropped-shoulder cardigan is designed to use up all your scraps, leftover yarns, and mini skeins, holding fingering weight yarns double in all kinds of colours (there are helpful tips on how to organize your yarn colours in the second digital file, labeled Appendix). It is worked from the top-down, with both fronts and back worked simultaneously through a heavily modified version of the Cocoknits and Ziggurat method. It begins at the back neck, then increases rapidly at four points, similar to a raglan yoke, to create sloped dropped shoulders. While the dropped shoulders are shaped, the right and left fronts are also increased at their front edges to create a v-neck. The back and two fronts are worked separately to form the armholes, then joined again for the body. The slim-fitting sleeves balance the oversized body and are worked in the round in stockinette. The wide collar, hem and cuff are in one-colour brioche, worked flat holding only one yarn strand, but a more simple ribbing option, holding two yarns together, is provided. Finally, instructions are given for optional after-thought pockets.
This pattern is size inclusive with nine size options. Using your full bust measurement, choose a size that will give you 5-10 inches (12.5-25.5cm) of positive ease; that is, the difference between body’s smaller measurements and the garment’s larger measurements at these points. Sizes 7 to 9 may require less positive ease. Sample shown on 5’10” body in Size 2 with 9 inches (23cm) positive ease. The sample has 1 in (2.5cm) of length added to sleeves and body. Full schematics provided in pattern.
The most fool-proof method is to measure a similar fitting top in your wardrobe and choose a garment size that matches.
Finished garment circumference at bust: 40, 45.25, 46.75 || 51.25 54.75, 59.5 ||62.5, 67.5, 70.75 inches (100, 113, 117 || 128, 137, 149 || 156, 169, 177) cm.
To fit bust measurement: 34, 36, 38 || 42, 48, 52 || 56, 60, 64 inches (86, 91.5, 96.5 || 106.5, 122, 132 || 142, 152, 162.5) cm.
This pattern requires you to hold 2 strands together of superwash fingering weight, and/or untreated heavy lace or light-fingering weight. For the sample shown, only leftovers and scraps were used except that the edgings were worked in Sassy Strings Yarn Studio Sock, 75% Superwash Merino Wool / 25% Nylon, 463 yards per 100g in colour “Blackberry.”
You will need:
* 655, 705, 790 || 865, 980, 1090 || 1215, 1330, 1410g of scrap yarn, or
* 33, 36, 40 || 44, 50, 55 || 61, 67, 71 mini skeins (20g each), or
* 7, 8, 8 || 9, 10, 11 || 13, 14, 15 full skeins (100g each).
scissors, scrap yarn or st holders, tapestry needle, stitch markers (4), a digital scale that measures to 0.1g (optional).
Small: 3.5mm (US 4)
Large: 4.0mm (US 6)
Short: 16 in/40cm for working small stitch counts flat.
Long: 30 in/75cm cord for working small circumference in magic loop and large stitch counts flat, or choose your preferred methods.
Increase cord length as needed. You may need up to an 80 inch/200cm cord for working the largest sized body at its widest circumference.